A word from the Chairman

“I am pleased to welcome you to our new website which aims to present our organisation and our actions. BAR France is today the most representative organisation of air transport in France as it gathers airlines from all continents, belonging to all categories of current air transport, classic network airlines, airlines specialised in one destination, low-cost airlines, cargo and courier airlines. BAR France brings together French, European and international airlines, all of which belong to IATA and comply with the international regulations in force. BAR France’s role is to inform, represent, defend and advise member airlines in all areas of their activity in France, with the exception of commercial matters. BAR France is in constant contact with all the major players in the French air transport industry, both public and private. Through its action, BAR France helps member airlines to achieve and exceed their objectives.
Yours sincerely “

Jean-Pierre Sauvage.

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